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About Me
Hi! I’m Peter Georgiou, a Network Marketer by profession and a Network Marketing Business Mentor by passion. My single aim is to utilize this online blog as a resource to helping aspiring network marketers become successful in their endeavors.

Before we begin, let’s get to know each other a bit. Here’s a little info about me that might help you recognize me as a mentor-come-friend.

My story begins with the decision to leave school at the age of 16. I wanted to achieve more than just grades in life. I instead chose to take some business and finance courses so I could learn about entrepreneurship. I took multiple courses, passed many of them and began my journey as an independent worker and entrepreneur. I worked as a taxi driver at the age of 18 all the while trying my hand in various businesses. It was when I came across network marketing that I found true success and a field to excel in. Years spent of hard work gave me a lot of insight about network marketing business, starting your own online business and being successful in your business. By the age of 25, I had bought my first house and at 30 my first Ferrari!

Coming from real experience, I know the potential in network marketing is true and real. I also know that there must be countless others like me who simply want to do more and become real entrepreneurs. If you’re one such person, I would love to help you! After a rewarding journey, I am extremely passionate about helping others enjoy the same.

I use my years of experience, knowledge of network marketing, and real communication to help others. My end goal is to make whoever learns from me enjoy a good and comfortable life that is set financially and gives them the time and freedom to enjoy other aspects of life as well. In fact, I don’t simply help aspiring network marketers who are just about to begin but I also help existing network marketers find true success. Through tips, tricks, and knowledge, I can help anyone looking to succeed in the field.

I’m not saying I can help you become rich overnight – that’s not how network marketing works! It takes time, effort, willpower, and strategy to succeed but if you follow the right path and make informed decisions, you can be successful regardless of the fact whether you have any experience or not.

Let’s take your network marketing endeavors to the next level to achieve true success and earn a great income along with real freedom.

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Let's understand WHY you want to become a network marketer

Working Smart
This is not a time for short cuts, but to work smart, wise and to meet the targets you set yourself in the time you can offer.

A Plan
You are going to need a sensible plan of attack

Control Your Destiny
It's in your hands. You take control of your life, your future, your money, investments, holidays, cars, people you meet and places you dine out to eat.