How to make appointments and get sales.
Firstly you must build your list of everybody you know and write down every single person and phone number. (Free FROGS Memory Jogger to download on my website)

Make 5 calls a day everyday.

For people you know very well.

Phone your close friends and family to tell them about your new business and how excited you are, ask if it would be OK? to practice on them, showing your products or services, try and make the appointment straight away if possible, but don't make it feel like an appointment, arrange to have a coffee and a catch up where you can tell them all about it. If they can see a benefit they will buy. You need to keep up activity on a daily basis.

Luke Warm Market

Phone the other contacts on your list, use a script for these, most companies have scripts specifically for their own product or service, arrange a meeting so you can show them your products or services. If they can see a benefit they will buy.

Cold Market

Talk to random people whilst out shopping, or out having a meal, at the doctors, anywhere . Try and strike up a conversation, a bit of rapport, give them a business card and try and get their number, so it can be added to your list. Learn a few scripts and practice them, so it rolls off your tongue. Practice in the mirror or to a partner.


When someone joins as a customer ask how many people they know who would also like the same benefits, ask for their contact details and then ask you customer to call them first, so they are expecting your call. You now have someone who is now warm to you when you call. keep up the routine by adding names and number to your list. This is a great way to build your business organically. Remember you don't know who they know.

Networking groups

This is where you mix with other businesses to network and spread the word about your business, it can be any time of the day early mornings, lunch or evenings after work. For this to work you need to get to know people, build relationships with other business owners, and keep turning up so they see your face. As their confidence and friendship grows with you, the business will start to flow your way. Try and find people who would benefit from their businesses, so you can give them a referral, (This is so powerful in building friendships in networking groups) they will want to get you a referral also, You then have someone who is actively looking to get you a customer, and so the cycle starts.

Business Exhibitions

This can be done on a local level where you can show your business products or services to other businesses and members of the public. Talking to lots of people making contacts, getting sales and contact details of people who show an interest. A good way to get more contact details is to run a competition, make some competition entry slips where they put in their contact details. You don't have to have a massive prize, even a cuddly toy from a charity shop will do.

This is the basics of getting appointments and making sales.
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