How To Build Belief

How To Build Belief And Why It's So Important

This video shows network marketers how to build their belief in their business. Well you have your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is thousands of times more powerful than your conscious mind. So when you want to do something and your conscious mind wants to do it, and you subconscious mind says you don't want to do it, generally your subconscious will win time and time again, different if your bungee jumping, because you want to do it to overcome your fear.

Generally people will not do it, and that is called procrastination, so the best way to build belief is read personal development books try and read 1 book a month study it properly. 2, Monthly meetings, if your company does has monthly meetings / presentations go to them and you can meet other distributors in your business, and you can talk to them afterwards before you leave. Team meetings, if your upline does a team meeting go to them other people on the same journey as you get to know them great association. Also destination events, if your company has destination events where you have to go away and spend the night in a hotel for their annual meeting.

They're brilliant, because you are surrounded by other people, you block out all the outside influences, forget about your problems at home and you immerser yourself. Now that is a great way to build belief in your subconscious. Hearing people stories, testimonials, there are thousands of people there. Very powerful. They are the best ways to belief, personal development, team meetings, local monthly meetings and destination events, because when you speak to someone and your words say one thing and your subconscious says another, what are they going to believe? Exactly your subconscious so when you do have belief I your business it will come through in your posture, tone of voice and your facial expressions, so along size working your business and getting results, Any questions feel free to reach out.

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