Network Marketing Fear

How To Overcome Fear

How to overcome fear, it could be picking up the phone,
talking to a stranger to even talking to someone on your
warm list that you already know.
Fear stops a lot of network marketers, and can really stop
your business from growing, there is no easy way
no magic potion or magic wand you can wave and that
fear go and all of a sudden you're comfortable with it.

The only way to become comfortable and to overcome
your fear is there actually just do it, at the beginning
you might want to say to yourself inside 123 and then
go! 123 pick up the phone just do it! 123 I'll speak
to a stranger whatever your opening line is hello
you don't know me, or when you pick up the phone to
talk to a friend, and you want to talk to a friend about
the business and there is a fear. 123 go and throw
yourself out there, and once you started that conversation that fear
quickly dissipates, talk about what you want and you relax.

If they don't want to talk to you that's fine and move onto
next but keep going 123 go try doing that three times
a day for a month and will quickly improve and the fear
will go and you will feel comfortable with it.
That is the only way, picking up the phone, talking to
strangers “cold market” when you're out and about
and people that you know.

If you're worried about talking about the business think first
what you want to say and go to yourself 123 and go just
come out with. That is the only way to overcome your fear
that is actually face them.

When you overcome your fears actually, do your fears
that is where you will find the biggest growth in your

I hope this helps.
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