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Once you have built your list using FROGS (A free FROGS Memory Jogger is on my site to download) you need to contact 5 people a day, I find that the phone works best, but you can text or message on social media sites. First speak to all your family and friends, arrange to meet up for a coffee and then you can show them you business.

Contact all the small business/sole traders which put leaflets through your letter box, or the small business/sole traders that advertise in a local paper/magazine. These small business owners or sole traders are great because they are already earning through their own esteem, which tell me they are open to other ways to create an income, apart from a Job.

Speak to random people throughout your daily life, strike up a conversation whilst you are in a queue shopping or looking at products around the store, waiting for a train, getting a coffee, basically every where you can strike up a conversation, this takes practice. Get their name and number of those who show a interest, so you can show them your business or follow up. Everyone feel awkward doing this at first, but after a couple of weeks it just gets easier and much more comfortable to do.

You have to be an expert at building rapport and asking questions, your looking for their pain. Why they work so much? Why they don't go on holidays , why they can't afford something. Why they haven't got spare money for all the extras in life, if they have a pension, When you contact your list using the phone use a script, most companies have their own specific script for their service or product. Practice it at home, to your spouse family and in the mirror so it comes out naturally and does not sound like you are reading it.

The aim is to to show your business opportunity, if you have a website for your network marketing business, you could get them to see it, and arrange when they have seen it so you can do a follow up call. Different network marketing companies have different tools website, DVD, audio CD, literature etc. Track you activity, write notes for each person you speak to , if it is a no ask them if it would be OK to keep then updated of any changes, most say yes! Re-contacting them every few months, letting them know what has been happening with the company. They might have won some awards, or you might have had a promotion, if you qualified for one of your companies promotions, perhaps a short break, holiday or even a car.

You should also re-contact your no for now list when a promotion is announced to see if they would like to qualify for it as well as building a business. Add name and numbers to your list every day, and stay organised. There are so many ways to build your team this is just a few. Depending on which network marketing company you are associated with they all offer different pay plans, but all have creating an residual income and a building a better future in common.

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