How To Treat Your Team
Learning how to build your team, and then knowing how to start them off right. Knowing how to treat your team, to help them grow in skills and in confidence to become leaders themselves.

Always be respectful to your team make them feel important. When they achieve anything in the business, growing their own team, gathering customers, getting promoted to a higher level in the business, achieving a holiday or free car, make it a big thing. Put it on your social media group, make sure you mention it in team meetings show recognition is just so important. They will want to be recognised again, this will also inspire your other team members, not they will only to see what is possible but it will build their belief, but inside they also be wanting to be recognised in front of other team members. Thus all striving for the same goal will speed up the growth of your team dramatically. Remember: Recognition Recognition Recognition.

Keep in regular contact with all team members, grow the relationship, don't let it be just work show that you actually care. Show them your results to also inspire them. Do not be their boss remember everyone works at their own speed, the only way to speed them up is through being a part if a team , joining in with activities. Do team bonding exercises like team meals or a bowling night, where everyone who goes can talk about everything including business, this a amazing way to get people inspired and working their business.

When you have team meetings let your team members share what activity they have been doing or what has worked for them, everyone like talking about themselves its their favourite subject. This works wonders.

When they tell others about what they are doing in business and socially, they also will want to join the business, be part of your team and have a laugh whilst building their residual income. Everyone want to be part of something bigger, a feeling of belonging having someone to follow is human nature.

Remember be the best you can be, even if nobody is watching, because they will be. They will look to see how successful you are, how your business is going, and for inspiration, leadership, training and someone to mirror, as what you do is what your team will do, if you do nothing your team will do nothing, so leading by example is the only way.
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