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With network marketing or mlm to be successful you need to gather customers and team members at the same time, its a bit like rowing a boat with 2 oars, 1 oar is for customer gathering and the other is for team building. To go in a straight line you need to row with booth oars.

People judge books by their covers so wearing the right clothes important, I'm not saying wear a suit, but make sure you look like someone they would want to follow, clean shoes, ironed clothes, aftershave/perfume, the little things makes the difference.

Building you list and adding names and numbers to it daily is going to be the back bone of your business.

Being organised, if your not organised when you speak to lots of different people you will get mixed up with what you said to who. You must remember to re-contact all the prospects that you have said you were going to, otherwise it looks unprofessional and they will lose confidence in you and you opportunity. Remember organisation is the keys to success.

Tracking your activity is essential, all successful people track their performance so you know what the ratio is between how many people you contact and how many sign up, it might me 25 to 1, so them you know if you speak to 100 people a month you should sign up 4 customers or team members. Speaking to 100 people a month is only 4 calls a day for a 6 day week. 4 calls will only take about 20 minutes a day. The more you speak to people the better you will get and then your ratio will improve, it will slowly get better and better.

Personal development, reading books, listening to audio CD's is very important for continual learning. Company training if they do it, if your up-line or sponsor does team training that is where the magic happens because you will be with others who are on the same path as you. Keep in touch with whoever introduced you to the business, if they are no longer doing it find out and contact who is above them for support. Plug in to the system, attend and promote company events. Be surrounded by people on the same journey as you.

Lead by example do the activity and make it a habit, share your successes with team members and prospects , this will inspire them, many people will watch how you do before they join, often prospects say no, but actually mean I going to see how you get on first, this is why it is essential you do your activity and share your results. Be the best you can be even if no one is watching.

Plan your activity, do your activity and then review your activity, Plan, Do Review. This is a very good habit to be in.
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